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“I’ve always been deeply impressed by Kim’s exceptional abilities. Her Countryman Press accomplishments far surpass those of her peers in both volume and quality. Her devotion to her work, her authors and her clients is unparalleled.”

Bruce Shaw

President, Harvard Common Press

The death of print has been highly exaggerated

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Given the battle being waged between print and digital, Kim understands the need to produce editorial products that impress increasingly demanding and sophisticated customers.

In just four years as Acquisitions Editor at Countryman Press (a division of W.W. Norton), she recruited 150 authors who each delivered top-notch books, quadrupling the publisher’s Explorer’s Guides, Great Destinations, Backroads & Byways, Great Escapes and photography series.

That said, the heady days of well-worn travel tomes carted around the world by devotees of the printed page have quieted down. Today’s surviving paper-and-ink products must add value that cannot be delivered in another format. They must inform, amaze and imprint themselves into users’ routines.

Leveraging her global network of top-notch authors, Kim amassed a creative force of 21st Century experts whose books ensured that one publisher – at least – would continue to flourish.

Kim also writes the Cape Cod Explorer’s Guide for Countryman Press.



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