Business Growth

Sutro Media

Pragmatic: Attract the World’s Best Indie-Author-Experts.

Kim’s recipe for success at Sutro?

Equal parts of:

  • Editorial excellence
  • An author’s insider support for colleagues
  • Relentless tracking of trends

Check out a fraction of the mobile guides (below) that she helped authors develop.

Hot on the heels of the introduction of the iPhone and mobile apps,

Sutro Media built an expansive platform for regular people to share their expertise and knowledge with the world. Kim Grant then proceeded to pitch, recruit and build the world’s largest and best collection of independent travel experts, single-handedly shepherding them through the creation process. The world’s largest collection of travel apps was born.

While blanketing the globe with more destinations and niches, Kim also developed other content verticals in reference, lifestyle, education and food and wine. As Sutro’s Chief Content Officer and Acquisitions Editor – Kim built an empire of Sutronians. She hit the ground running, leveraging global connections in travel and an aptitude for winning.

“Kim makes herself available night and day for expert mentoring and coaching, leading us all through the process of creating competitive mobile apps from start to finish.”

Sara Benson

Author of Sutro’s “Viva Las Vegas, Baby!”



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