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Media Liaison & Engagement Specialist = Seeing the Forest + the Trees.

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TravMedia is the biggest, most vibrant online community of travel media and global PR pros.

Kim is the Media Liaison & Engagement Specialist for TravMedia, and responsible for recruiting A-lister journalists and influencers to the blockbuster International Media Marketplace (IMM) held annually in New York City.

TravMedia is the one-stop resource center, networking site and distribution platform for over 25,000 registered and credentialed travel media, PRs and destination marketing organizations worldwide. TravMedia is the Facebook/Twitter/ LinkedIn to the travel industry.

TravMedia is also the media and technology partner for Brand USA, the U.S. Travel Association’s IPW travel trade show, and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).

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Top 10 Reasons & Ways TravMedia Helps Media

#1: Journalist Alerts.

Problem: You need trustworthy ideas and leads. Fast.

Case Study Solution: A journalist was on a 24-hour deadline for and outlined her specific needs through a Journalist Alert. The Communications Manager for The Awahnee in Yosemite jumped on it. Journalist won; hotel won.

#2: Editor’s Alerts.

Opportunity: An editor has an assignment and posts it on TravMedia.

Outcome: You jump on it, pitch it, nail it and maybe snag a long-term client.

#3: Seek assistance from a DMO or CVB.

Problem: You need help with pre-trip ideas, a FAM trip or simply reaching the right person.

Solution: Journos using TravMedia are vetted, so when you approach a DMO, PR or CVB through the platform, you arrive with a strong baseline credibility. The destination rep checks out your bio, sees you have stellar bonadifes and hooks you up.

#4: Network and build community.

Problem: Contact information changes quickly; contacts move around. It’s time-consuming to stay in touch with global PRs and DMOs.

Solution: Think of TravMedia as the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn of the travel industry. ‘My Community’ shares curated links to noteworthy industry trends and stories, job postings and more. ‘My Network’ keeps you abreast of the latest comings and goings of colleagues you are following.

#5: Pitch yourself.

Opportunity: Make an effective case to editors and DMOs (for editorial research assistance or content marketing gigs).

Outcome: Polish your profile. Spread the word about your latest publications, accolades and assignments. Upload published stories and create portfolios highlighting your photography and video skills.

#6: Feed the beast.

Reality: Face it, sometimes you just need to publish trustworthy (PR) material. Like yesterday.

Solution: DMOs and CVBs pay for their releases to be disseminated, which means they’re worthy, high quality and fact-based. Additionally, use the TravMedia calendar as an idea machine. It’s populated with events to cover in-depth or feature in roundups.

#7: Be a Mover & Shaker.

Opportunity: Showcase your industry influencer status; track others.

Outcome: TravMedia puts power users in front of 15,000 global travel professionals and 25,000 global travel journalists.

#8: Broadcast your upcoming travel plans.

Opportunity: Get more assignments out of one trip; work those multiple revenue streams; piggyback stories.

Outcome: Let editors know your schedule. Pitch your content marketing skills and superb social media followings to DMOs.

#9: You control the frequency of contact.

Opportunity: Inboxes are flooded; it takes needless time to find, file and retrieve much-needed information.

Solution: Set your preferences to suit your needs. Get notifications in real time, twice daily, daily or weekly.

#10: TravMedia is the one-stop resource.

Problem: You need stock photos, video clips, and ‘What’s New in…’ content immediately, at midnight.

This. Is. So. Not. A. Problem: Practically every significant CVB or DMO has uploaded quality content to the TravMedia platform, ready for you to use and download – from informative press releases to high rez stock imagery libraries. Photos and video are hassle-free and eminently searchable. No more waiting for a PR to respond or email photos to you. They’re here, all in one place, accessible all the time