Vision + Strategy = Bridges Between Content, Clients + Tech.

You need more than a crystal ball to deliver effective content messaging. You need Kim’s three dimensional thinking, troubleshooting and problem-solving to deliver results, despite oncoming curves and bumps you can’t anticipate. You need her insatiable curiosity, tireless creativity and relentless discipline to help deliver successful campaigns. You need her nimble collaborative at We Move the Rock.

Kim Grant understands the intersection of content, audience and technology from the inside out — as the Founder and Editorial Director for Bindu Trips (a web platform for editorial and branded travel itineraries), as the Chief Content Officer for a mobile app company (building verticals in reference, travel, food + wine, education and more), Media Liaison for TravMedia (connecting writers and Destination Marketing Organizations) and Acquisitions Editor for a print travel publisher.

Kim recruits, manages and directs hundreds of expert content creators around the globe. Yes, she’s an efficiency expert and time management savant.

She understands effective content curation from the ground up — as the author of dozens of guidebooks and the creator of an iTunes “What’s Hot” travel app.

New platforms constantly recast road maps for decision-making and content acquisition and delivery. Whether you’re a start-up, a fully scaled company or a Destination Marketing Organization, Kim’s been there.

Downloadable talks, interviews, and presentations

(American Society of Journalist & Authors, May ’12)

(Bay Area Travel Writers, Oct ’14)

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Getting Started:

  • Do your content optimization efforts align with top contact drivers? If not, let’s discuss.
  • How does your target customer find, consume and digest stories about you?
  • Do your current solutions localize, scale and maintain your efforts? If not, let’s discuss.
  • What is your optimal balance of native, curated and aggregated content?
  • Is your message cohesive in structure, visuals and tone? If not, let’s discuss.
  • How do you value expert versus user-generated content?
  • Are you executing cross-channel efficiently and effectively? If not, let’s discuss.
  • Does your UI and UX support your mission and messaging?

“We actively sought Ms. Grant because of her reputation. She was very helpful in untangling these new, uncharted waters for our eager-to-learn members. Ms. Grant is a great source of knowledge and has become a new friend to many of the members.”

Melissa Dean Client
Bev Malzard

President, Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW)