Execute far beyond what’s “possible”

  • Prompt Engineering

    Business Growth, Content Strategy

    Applying context and strategy to AI and ChatGPT4 to create a next-level blast-off. You need more than an AI crystal ball to deliver effective content messaging. You need three-dimensional thinking and problem-solving. You need insatiable curiosity, tireless creativity, and relentless discipline to help deliver successful campaigns.

  • Accelerating Engagement

    Business Growth, Customer Experience

    Kim is the Media Liaison & Engagement Specialist for TravMedia, home to more than 25,000 registered and credentialed travel media, PRs, and destination marketing organizations worldwide. She's responsible for recruiting 1,000 A-lister journalists and influencers to the blockbuster International Media Marketplace (IMM) held annually in New York City. TravMedia is also the media and technology partner for Brand USA, the U.S. Travel Association’s IPW travel trade show, and SATW.

  • Slow Down, See More

    Customer Experience, Digital Strategy

    Stay tuned.

  • Collaborating

    Business Growth, Customer Experience

    Say NO to the Greek myth of Sisyphus. We push your projects over the top. We're a nimble collaborative of innovators in branding, marketing, advertising, and design. We produce effective work that drives action and builds brand loyalty. Independently we have decades of relevant and consequential experience. We move projects from concept to completion, and we add marketing services as needed. We specialize in delivering for organizations with limited staffing resources. If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, we can help.

  • Seeing and Photographing

    Business Growth, Customer Experience

    Kim is represented by Getty Images. She was also a Founding Member of Lonely Planet Images and was commissioned by LP to photograph their very first 4-color city guides: San Francisco and New York City.

  • Working the Gig Economy

    Content Strategy, Digital Strategy

    Kim is prolific. She creates branded content for DMOs and is a widely published content creator. She has authored upwards of 45 travel books for most major travel publishers. "Cape Cod, An Explorer's Guide" continues to be the region's best-selling guide. The project "Backroads of New England" by Chronicle Books remains a personal favorite. Kim also created two best-selling mobile travel apps: the discerning and definitive “Boston Travel Essentials” and the selective and full-on fun “Cape Cod Travel Essentials.”

  • Creating Infinite Travel Possibilities

    Content Strategy, Digital Strategy

    Trip planning is overwhelming, time-consuming, and frustrating. Bindu Trips is for travelers tired of sifting through online reviews. GPS gets you anywhere. But how do you know where to go? Trust our indie experts to organize and make sense of a destination, based on interests and time. Bindu is Sanskrit for a point containing infinite possibilities. It's where travel takes us, and how experiences transform us. It's why we travel; it's who we are. Kim founded Bindu to create a new purpose-driven paradigm. It represents the intersection of her passion, mission, vocation, and profession.

  • Building Mobile Travel Apps

    Business Growth, Content Strategy

    Kim’s recipe for success as Sutro Media's Chief Content Officer? Equal parts editorial excellence, an author’s insider support for colleagues, and relentless tracking of trends. Hot on the heels of the iPhone and app store launch, Sutro built an expansive platform for regular people to share their expertise. Kim then proceeded to pitch, recruit, and build the world’s largest and best collection of independent travel experts, single-handedly shepherding them through the creation process. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what about an app with 2,100 pictures?

  • Developing Product Lines

    Business Growth, Content Strategy

    The death of print has been highly exaggerated. In just four years as Acquisitions Editor at Countryman Press (a division of W.W. Norton), Kim recruited 150 authors who each delivered top-notch books, quadrupling the publisher’s Explorer’s Guides, Great Destinations, Backroads & Byways, Great Escapes and photography series. Leveraging her global network of top-notch authors, Kim amassed a creative force of 21st Century experts whose books ensured that one publisher – at least – would continue to flourish.


Prompt Engineering

Applying context and strategy to AI and ChatGPT4 to create a next-level blast-off. You need ...